The Importance of Peace for Humankind


What can be more precious in this world than peace? Really, how can we have a decent life for us and our loved ones if there is no peace in our community, in our country, in our world?

Peace is one of the most essential things we need to make us thrive. Without peace, it will be impossible for us to learn and to create something. Without peace, there will be riots and wars, and we all will be too busy trying to protect our lives and the lives of those we care the most. During wars, we will not have the ideal situation we need to grow, to explore our surrounding and try to make the best of it. The constant fear of being captured or even death will eat our brain, so it will be impossible to create wonderfulness in the midst of war.

The consequences of the absence of peace in our world, such as conflicts and chaos, are so terrifying. Imagine how these conflicts can break apart families, friends, communities, and nations. Our friends can be our enemies. Our significant others can be the ones we need to fight against. The love that we once share can disappear just like that due to non existence of peace.

Without peace, the possibility to lose everything that we have is also at the biggest. Wars have been long known as the biggest life taker ever. The gunfight can cause many casualties. Lots of people die during wars. If there is no peace in this world, we and our friends and families can die. Imagine the pain of losing someone that you love. Not only losing the people you love, but you can also lose everything you have or earn. Bombing during wars can destroy your houses and your belongings. You have nothing left but this emptiness that you feel due to your loss.

That is why peace is very important in our lives, in our world. If everyone agrees to put their ego aside and to maintain peace on earth, then nothing but greatness will emerge. When you have peace in your world, you can live side by side with everyone, trying to create something beautiful or useful for mankind.

With peace, you will not spend your mind, your energy, and your money on wars. Instead, you can spend them on trying to innovate something that can bring welfare to the entire world. You can use them to do research and try to find the cure for deadly diseases. You can work hand in hand trying to make appropriate housing for every citizens. You can hold charities to help funding education in the third world countries.

Wars will only bring us destruction. Even though it seems like our side is winning the war, but actually we also lose a lot too. So rather than trying to show that we are the strongest one or trying to take over other countries, it will be better if we all put every effort that we have to keep the peace. Keeping the peace is a very important thing for us to do, for the sake of us, the people we love, and our one and only world.