Ride a Bike Today!

There’s an easier way to enjoy life (just like having a dance).. and that is to do the simple things in life. Like riding a bike!

Riding a bike has always been one of the most recommended activities by health experts and environmentalists. It is a cost-effective way of transportation and bikes are inexpensive to maintain.

Likewise, it is a healthy option, and health professionals recommend using a bicycle for at least half an hour daily to maintain good health. We can say that it can help us cut down on health care costs.

Most of us living an inactive lifestyle and that is because we find it hard to stick to a regular exercise routine. Biking to school or work or when running errands is indeed a convenient way to have an exercise still while you are having a busy day.

Benefits to our Environment

Aside from its health benefits, biking has plenty of environmental advantages.

  • Less pollution- it is evident to us that motorized vehicles impose environmental hazards. According to research, transportation releases a significant amount of pollutants such as carbon monoxide in the air. Using bicycle means zero pollutants.
  • Less parking lots needed- parking space is a major problem in some countries. With the increasing number of cars and other motorized vehicles, it requires them to create more parking areas. These projects require removing of trees and pouring chemicals like asphalt to create a concrete parking lot. But with bicycle parking, less space is needed. A single car’s parking slot can accommodate 15-20 bikes.
  • Conservation of non-renewable resources- motorized vehicles burn an enormous amount of oil every day in the form of diesel and gas. If you are using a bike, you are helping to reduce consumption of petroleum and oil.
  • Ideal for short trips- starting the car cold and driving a short trip can cause more air pollutants compared when having a long drive. Plus, it makes us more productive since biking helps us release hormones and fuels our energy.
  • Reduces carbon footprint- biking is one efficient way to live sustainably. Leaving the car at home and riding a bike instead helps us reduce our carbon footprint. We are also conserving energy and avoiding fossil fuel emissions.

Other Benefits

  • Apart from its positive impact to our surrounding, riding a bike provides independent travel, economic benefits, increased mobility and social interactions with other cyclists.
  • Walking and cycling both provide opportunities for social interaction especially in local communities. Hence, it creates a sense of neighborhood and enhances the bond between the citizens.
  • Transportation has the largest household expenditure since you have to keep it well-maintained and of course, it runs on gas. Maintaining a bike won’t cost you half of it and will allow you to save money.
  • Another problem that biking can solve is our issues with our transport network. Less motorized vehicles on the road and more bicycles would clean help us solve traffic and its associated costs.
  • Likewise, motorists and commuters can gain benefits by using bicycle lanes. It improves the safety for them, more space for those who have emergencies on the road and gives them extra turning space.
  • Riding a bike will enable us to conserve residential space and roadways. There will be more chances for green parks and planting spaces in urban areas. Plus, there will be lesser journey time. But most importantly, we will have cleaner air to breathe.
  • If only most of us are willing to ride a bike today, there will be safer roads for us and our children. Less traffic and air pollution. The demand for a cleaner surrounding and efficient transportation mode increases. We highly believe biking should be every people’s way to achieve such requirements and have a healthier planet.