It has been deeply frustrating for us to see how the world has torn apart lately. So many people are trying to take advantage of other people’s life for the sake of their own purpose. The numbers of conflicts has increased quite significantly, and so many people have lost their land due to wars, and now they have nowhere to go. The number of refugees is also escalating that it has become one of the biggest problems the world has to deal with.

We want to help to make it stop. We want to bring back peace to our world, and we want to gather everyone who is in the same page as us. We organize peace movements in as many parts of the world as we can. We want to make everyone, especially decision makers to be fully aware the importance of keeping the peace in our entire world.

Of course in order to reach our goals, there is a lot of work need to be done. That is why we are looking as many participants as we can to help us in our peace movements.

If you are interested in our movements, if you share the same passion as us, then we humbly ask you to join us and take part in changing our world into a better place. You can register here if you want to be part of our peace movement.

Peace is our passion and we want to share it with the world.